Cost and Feature Comparison of 2X Application Server vs Citrix XenApp 6

So I’ve been looking at replacing our aging Citrix Access Fundamentals installation with something newer. We have a legacy app that won’t run on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Server 2008 because of some arcane or horrible design. So with it almost out the door it’s finally time to start evaluating a replacement solution. Hooray for new projects!

So I began by attempting to install the newest version of XenApp 6. I stumbled a few times because my eval licenses were for a different version then what I had downloaded, oops. Once I had everything setup and working it worked great, typical Citrix environment. It felt like though for all that we would use it for, it may be overkill so I began looking around at their competitors to see what had improved since the last time I looked around a few years ago.

This was my first true evaluation of two products to present to someone else. None of this was verified with the vendors but the bandwidth figures are not exact.

Product Citrix XenApp 6 2X Application Server Windows 2008 TS/RemoteApp
Bandwidth  Idle – 0kbitAverage – 10-30kbit

Max – set by policy

Idle – 0kbitAverage – 10-30kbit


Idle – 0kbitAverage – 10-30kbit


Protocol ICA RDP RDP
Server OS Requirement Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server2008/2003 Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows, Mac and Linux Yes Yes Yes
Tablet, Smartphone,Thin client support Yes Yes No
Single Sign On Yes – Platinum Yes No
Multiple Monitors Yes Yes Yes – Limited by OS
Universal Printer Yes Yes Yes
Universal Scanner Yes – 3rd Party Yes No
Application Filtering Yes – User, Group Yes – User, Group, IP Yes – User, Group
Resouce BasedLoad Balancing Yes – Advanced Yes – Advanced Yes – NLM
Web Portal Redundancy Yes Yes No
Per Seat $250 $123 $98
Total Cost to Implement $20,000 $9840 * $7840
Support Costs $2800 $940 $0


  • Licensing was calculated using a base number of 80 users using two terminal servers  (home/remote office). Included in all pricing is Terminal Server CALs.


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