Repurposing a Barracuda Web Filter 210

So on a recent trip to a remote office I ended up bringing back some old equipment that needs to be recycled. Sometimes this means we send it to a recycling center but often we end up reusing it ourselves. This time I brought back a Barracuda Web Filter 210 that we used for content filtering in that office. We’ve since moved to a virtualized version of Barracuda so we no longer needed this installed.

Barracuda 210

I have been wanting to play with linux router distributions like pfsense, untangle and endian but didn’t really want to waste a quad core computer for such a simple task. The Barracuda was a perfect match as the specs are an exact match for what I need.

If you can find one of these Barracuda devices on ebay and are wanting a small and very quite server, these are the perfect match. I’ve unplugged the case fan for now but even with it on the entire machine is barely audible from across the room.

Inside of case

Motherboard: ASUS AT3GC-I - Newegg
CPU: Intel Atom 330 64-bit dual core @ 1.6ghz w/ Hyperthreading
PCI: Custom Realtek 8139 10/100 dual port NIC, ports mounted on front of case

With the server back home and the software downloaded, I began the process of trying to get it to boot from USB. Barracuda has locked the BIOS down with a password locking out the undetermined. For those that are interested the BIOS password is BCNDK1. Once in the BIOS you’ll want to change the boot order to promote either the IDE drive for booting from CDROM or the most likely, the USB ports.

For pfSense the best method of installing via USB is from their own website. Follow these instructions and it’s pretty easy to get installed.

If you are looking for the best all free way to route and filter your traffic than pfSense is the way to go. The “best” way may not be the easiest so I’m currently looking and playing with other distributions such as Edian, Zentyal and Untangle. I’ll try to put together a comparison of my experiences with them all and post that here.

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