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Boxee & ESPN3: Heaven on earth?

Well I’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time. The chance to legally get live sports on our HTPC. Windows Media Center can give me scores, i’m sorry but this is like sitting outside the stadium and someone running out giving you updates. PlayOn does offer ESPN3 in it’s list of compatible streams but I really don’t want to dish out more money when my reason for cutting cable is to lower my costs.

Enter Boxee. We’ve been waiting for months for a Boxee developer who promised he was working on an App and while their is a that does an ok job of delivering live sports, the quality does remind me of using rabbit ears to watch Dukes of Hazard when I kid in Enid. I did do something that most people don’t do. I did contact ESPN and ask them to create their own app for Boxee and was told my request was sent to the appropriate department, thanks guys.

Last week a forum member by the name of phikai posted screenshots of his ESPN3 app that he had developed. Sure it was rough around the edges but finally live sports on Boxee? Sign me up. So after installing his repository, I added his app to My Apps and created the long awaited shortcut to my home screen. So far I’ve watched around 8-10 hours of live events and could not be happier. Only once did the quality get stuck in “crappy” mode but all the other times the quality has been awesome. I really wish they would maybe simulcast more games from their other networks on their brand but I can’t begin to imagine the contracts that would need to be tweaked for that to happen. Oh well, at least I still have :)

Resources: – Formerly known as ESPN360. Not available for all users, your ISP must pay for this access. – If you don’t know by know then move on.

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