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Google Voice Transition to Gapps Account

This service is one of my most used and favorite apps on the web. Basically it’s one phone number that routes to all your phones. Be it a Gizmo5 line, Skype (with some hacks), cell phone, home phone, etc. This week they rolled out a new feature allowing you to call directly from Gmail. It’s truly a great app if you are using an Android smartphone. The Google Voice integration is top notch including eliminating the need for a txt message plan with my carrier (T-Mobile).

This was all well and good until I began the transition to a full Google account with my Google Apps service. In the past my Voice account was tied to my address along with Reader, Analytics and Picasa. When I was accepted into the beta this became a problem because I could no longer login to my gmail account with my secondary account ( One by one Google started to transition the apps over for use with my account. Voice seemed to be the only holdout so against their warning saying it wouldn’t work, I signed up to have my Voice account moved from my gmail account to my It took a few days but everything moved over nicely including past voicemails and recorded names/greetings.

Here is the spreadsheet from Google to get your Google Voice account moved.

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